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Buligo Capital Partners is a boutique investment firm that provides investors with the opportunity to invest globally alongside experienced operators.

With offices in Israel and the United States, as well as strategic partnerships worldwide, Buligo is able to offer its clients a broad range of investment options for different risk profiles while providing portfolio diversification across geographies and currencies.

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$ 3,947,137,862

Total Asset Value


Number of Units


Total Retail, Office and Industrial SF


Buligo’s investment strategy employs a cohesive, holistic approach.

Each new project is examined by Buligo’s professional team and undergoes a rigorous underwriting and due diligence process. An asset management plan is maintained from the inception of each deal to ensure the realization of long-term goals. The company’s conservative approach focuses on fostering growth while mitigating risk.

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Israel, 2 properties
Spain, 8 properties
US, Southeast, 89 properties
US, West, 7 properties
US, Southwest, 1 property
US, Northeast, 16 properties
US, Midwest, 20 properties