Capitalizing on Market Opportunities

Buligo Capital Partners Investment Strategy

Buligo’s investment strategy employs a cohesive, holistic approach.

Each new project is examined by Buligo’s professional team and undergoes a rigorous underwriting and due diligence process.
An asset management plan is maintained from the inception of each deal to ensure the realization of long-term goals. The company’s conservative approach focuses on fostering growth while mitigating risk.




Total Asset Value


Number of Units


Total Retail,
Office and Industrial SF

Israel, 2 properties
Spain, 8 properties
US, Southeast, 89 properties
US, West, 7 properties
US, Southwest, 1 property
US, Northeast, 16 properties
US, Midwest, 20 properties
A Value Add Approach

The ability to add value stems from identifying opportunities and expertly nurturing these investments, often through improved management and capital improvements. Buligo fosters high returns through diligent, hands on asset management throughout the repositioning process.

Capital Preservation

Buligo invests in markets with stable, strong fundamentals designed to mitigate risk and preserve capital. Each project shares a common, straight-forward investment strategy of choosing high quality, well-located assets, purchasing properties at a discount to replacement cost and employing a long term, active asset management approach. Such a strategy has produced strong, risk-adjusted returns.


Buligo offers a diversified portfolio, covering a wide spectrum of geographies, asset classes, and yields. Investors are offered the flexibility to choose the right project to suit their needs.